Make your space your own.
Alemrig final image .jpg

Using Copper as one of the main materials to fabricate the Alemrig, I felt it was in keeping with a high-end aesthetic that similar apparatus does not have. As this would be one of the many unique characteristics of the kit.

Making the equipment out of borosilicate glass also meant that none of the process was hidden and the end user could see the beauty of the process, to give them visual gratification in the personalisation of their essential oil creation.

This is a desired product, not only just through the joy of usability as well as the effectiveness of using the Alemrig- but also as beautiful aesthetic equipment.

I set out to engage people with the process of creating your own essential oil. Using this process to utilise the waste ingredients left over from cooking as well encouraging people to go outside and to find their own.

I explored a variety of different ways in which the consumer could create their own essential oils and diffuse them. Finalising the decision to make a distillation process to extract there chosen scent, I identified was not only the most effective at cultivating the essential oils but also was the most engaging.

tripod edit 2.jpg

I wanted to use ceramic to make my reed diffuser. Through research of existing reed diffusers I felt that this could be a beautiful celebrated part of the equipment and as I could continue to merge my understanding of 3D printed forms that would capture the natural beauty of nature.  This also could be made from the natural and sustainable material of clay.


I was able to receive the fabrication of the glass components form a specialist who works with borosilicate and was able through outsourcing the parts, to fuse together to my design specification. 


I have created an engaging beautiful product which could allow the end user to form there own emotional durability and a personal form of value, through not only repetitive use but also by giving them the ability to create something unique to them in the scope of this chosen process. In tests the product preformed well and met the needs and requirements of my brief.

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