Gravity Prints

3D Printed Ceramics.

During the summer period of my studies I was able to attend a Ceramic 3D printing course at the Estonian Academy of Arts EKA, directed by practitioner Jonathan Keep. It was here that I was exposed to the world of Ceramic 3D printing. I was able to work hands on with a numerous number of ceramic printers and able to understand not only their construction, but also the way that they could be manipulated to print structures plastic printing could not. It was during this course that I developed my own approach to ceramic printing, where I would design forms on CAD software with deliberate overhangs.

A massive thank you to all the staff and

I undertook a paid artist residency at the British Ceramics Biennale 2019. I assisted practitioner CJ O'Neill at Spode’s China halls, to contribute to her work "Clay networks: connecting to others through making, mapping and combination". Utilising my skills in ceramic 3D printing, three-dimensional modelling, machine understanding and public engagement. The output of this experience was not only a further understanding on commissioned work but also A continuation from the clay 3D printed forms I was working on in Estonia.