Hang-out Planter 

Connecting others through activity and nature. 

The Hang Out planter responds to aspects of loneliness that are associated with living in a city. The planter re-engages people affected by loneliness by participating in urban gardening.  It creates opportunities to engage with others, promoting personal health and wellbeing, and facilitating the growth of nature in the city. 

The all-in-one kit comprises of a self-assembled planter, compressed soil and seeds.

The flat packed unit has been CNC fabricated. Its flat packed nature ensures that it is easily transportable from supplier to consumer. Its fine laser cuts allow the main element of the planter to curve and bend to form the base of the trough which the plants are grown within.

It encourages people to perceive their lack of garden space differently and to have a positive perspective about their currant living space and in turn the planter will have a comforting input in their day-to-day lives.

The product is aimed at people living in small confided apartment buildings in inner city spaces. Ranging from council housing to high rise flats. The planter aims to change people’s perspective of space and urban gardening, and to tackle the lack of greenery associated with cities.

main pic.jpg

I have taken inspiration from the forms that could be created using the live-hinge principle, forming flat material into one which can be flexible resolved the issue of the trough section of the Hang-out planter. It also stimulated the rational to use this process over others as it allowed the plant to be much more accessible in kit / flat-packaged form rather than provided as an already prefabricated curved section.