Manchester International Festival:

Set your stage. 
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mood board mif.jpg

Manchester international festival is a biennial festival where Manchester is the stage for a plethora of art and cultural events.

Fresh from the making workshop with the forms and shapes which we produced, lead onto further discussions about what characteristics Manchester has as a city. 


This design came from deconstructing the initial seating at the edges where it was curving round.


It was agreed that a thick plywood would be ideal for creating this furniture product. That being due to its durable lightweight qualities. The ability for it to have a range of finishes, and how plywood can be CNC fabricated. 

mood board mif 2.jpg
Collage snake stools insitue.png

This design, meets the criteria given by the MIF spupervisors. Its space saving design lends itself to the conmstant changing of indoor use of space with its simplistic design. 

Rendered snake stool.jpg