Salad Sphere 

Adding a pinch of motion to your Salad. 

 I did primary and secondary research, by comparing current commercial products and forming my own links through the natural vessels found in nature, which is what initially inspired me. With my understanding of CNC and fabrication methods I was able to quickly laser cutt, and vacuum form my final design which was successful in creating my desired vessel. I would improve the material webbing to an industrial grade lining.

My aims and intentions for this project was to create a Salad Tosser which would inspire people to think differently about the way in which we protect our food, as well as to invoke an element of engagement and interaction with the product, unlike that with using a bog standard, square transparent container. I wanted busy people with busy schedules, predominantly commuters, to be able to gain a positive experience when not only eating the food they have packed, but also through the tactile experience of opening the container. 

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