A single stool made for two. 
step 1.jpg
step 2.jpg

I saw this 7-week project as an opportunity to push myself and tackle a CAD orientated project head on. With the goal of development in mind I set out to design and create a simplistic furniture piece with the ability to have limited interlocking parts, that the end user can slot in and out of each other in order to form a variety of furniture pieces.

I wanted to take the project in this direction due to my great interest in the way in which people inhabit small confined spaces.



step 3.jpg
step 4.jpg

I took this idea as a starting point and experimented with a variety of different ways in which I could slot certain elements of the chair together in order to see which parts combined; would be successful at creating other furniture pieces such as a side table, a two-person bench and shelves.


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